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by Walid Shoebat

I used to be a terrorist. I carried a bomb and tried to lynch an Israeli at a young age. Terrorism is taught at a very young age. I was 6 years old, going to kindergarten, and the first song that we learned was “Arabs are beloved, and Jews are dogs.” We were commanded to want to throw all the Jews in the sea.

I always say at the beginning of my speeches “confession is the beginning of healing.” There is no healing without confession. My name is Walid Shoebat and I was a Palestinian terrorist. I lived the life of a terrorist as I was growing up. Today, unfortunately we live in a world filled with ignorance and hate. Most people will say they have done something horrible in their life.

I used to be a terrorist. I carried a bomb and tried to lynch an Israeli at a young age. Terrorism is taught at a very young age. I was 6 years old, going to kindergarten, and the first song that we learned was “Arabs are beloved, and Jews are dogs.” We were commanded to want to throw all the Jews in the sea.

We considered ourselves Jordanian. My father served in the Jordanian army. I’m half American, and half Arabic. My mother married my father, a Muslim, and converted to Islam. They moved to Bethlehem and gave birth to me. My father put his foot down about staying in the Middle East. He said that he was Muslim, she was Muslim, and her children were Muslim. She ended up spending 35 years of her life trying to escape back to America. At every attempt she was caught and sent back to the “house of obedience,” where a woman does not have any rights, her husband has the rights for everything. A woman has half the rights of a male in Islamic society. I finally rescued my mother in 1995, but it was hell for her. By the time I saw my mother in the San Francisco airport, she was toothless, hairless, and literally looked like a beggar.

The 6 day war erupted right after we came to Jericho. My father was listening to the news, and with great happiness said, “We have cleansed Jerusalem from all Jews!” My mother was happy that Israel won the war, because in reality, she kept her Christian faith. Secretly she was unhappy and wanted her freedom back; her freedom of religion, her freedom to go back home.

Our school education was very twisted. True history was never taught. The history of the Jewish people was never taught. The Temple on the Temple Mount never existed, and the Wailing Wall was not even Jewish, we were taught. In our education, the Holocaust never existed. When I saw footage from the Holocaust, I would eat popcorn and laugh, wondering where they found such scrawny actors. If you think this is outlandish, ask Mahmoud Abbas. He wrote a thesis about how the Holocaust was a fabrication. Historic alteration is the fabric of the Islamic education system.

We were taught that we were the original Philistines or Canaanites. No one told us that the Caananites were of Hamidic origin and therefore impossible for them to be semites, children of Abraham through Ishmael, even though as Palestinians we claim to be of direct descent, cousins of the Jews. Just as in Nazi Germany, myth became historical education.

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was my grandfather’s friend. My grandfather would kill for this man. My grandfather had entertained Husseini with feasts of lambs and goats. Husseini was the one who enticed the Hungarian Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs not to allow half a million Jews to emigrate to Israel; those half a million Jews perished in Hitler’s ovens, in the Holocaust. Husseini was with Hitler on the eve of the Final Solution.

In 1929 Husseini called for major Arab riots against the Jews of Palestine. He killed nearly the entire community of Hebron. There was no land dispute at that time–Jews and Arabs were peaceful neighbors, even close friends. The call went out from the Mufti: “Isbah Al-Yahud!” (Slaughter the Jews!) And the Arabs rose up immediately against their Jewish neighbors and tortured and killed them. The documents show clearly what happened. Their testicles and breasts were cut off. They were slaughtered with no mercy. These histories you do not learn in the university.

As a teenager, walking around Israel; Hebron, Ramallah, etc., I could not find a square meter of wall, that didn’t have graffiti. “We knock on the gate of Heaven with the skulls of Jews!”–“You enter paradise by killing Jews!” Everything was very plain on the walls for the children to see. We were taken to the zoo in Jerusalem, and were watching a gorilla that would smoke if a cigarette was tossed to him. I said, “I don’t understand. We don’t believe in evolution. How is he smoking?” The teacher said: “His ancestors were the Jews–Sabbath breakers. God transformed the Sabbath breakers into detestable monkeys. I remember looking at a Jewish man, and comparing the gorilla to the Jew. This was effective Islamic education and indoctrination of the young!

I had my first mission. I was to die for Allah. I was given an explosive charge, and was supposed to take it into an Israeli bank. I was taught from the Mosque, from The Voice of Palestine, from my education: “Do not think that the ones who die with Allah are dead, but are going to heaven with blessings.” My cousin Rayid died as a “martyr.” Lies. When I look at my son I see my cousin Rayid. Who or what really killed my cousin? The education system killed my cousin Rayid. Hate killed my cousin Rayid. I picked up my explosive charge and went to Bethlehem. I was supposed to detonate the charge exactly at 6PM. At five ‘til 6, I saw some Arab children there, so I threw the explosives on the roof of the bank instead. It exploded exactly at 6PM. If I had followed my instructions, I would have been a suicide bomber.

That didn’t deter me; I wanted to become initiated by lynching my first Jew. There was a demonstration where an Israeli soldier crossed the fire line, and me and my friends attacked him. During this attack, my friend used a club with a nail at the end of it, and the soldier was bleeding profusely. His club, his shield, his helmet, his gun, all vanished instantly. He was about to be lynched. Fortunately, he had a small baton and hit us, and then jumped across the fire line and escaped to freedom.

Islamism, like Nazism, has no respect for national borders. Jews are not allowed to live in “Palestine.” Yet Arabs are allowed to live in Israel proper. I cannot find a single Arab who will give up his Israeli passport. My cousin is a terrorist, and he left America to go to Israel, where he gets better treatment. Was life better for Arabs under the “occupation,” or under Yasser Arafat? Arabs say that we can never live under control of non-Muslims. “Christians cannot rule us, Jews cannot rule us.”

Jews are not safe in Arab cities, yet Arabs can walk around freely without fear in Jewish cities. An example: When two Israeli reservists got lost in Ramallah, the entire population of Ramallah celebrated as they lynched the two Jews in a brutal, ritualistic manner. They were thrown from the window, and their guts were taken out with the kidneys and hearts and put on a platter and the entire population of Ramallah was praising Allah in a blood-thirsty frenzy. “Allah Akbar!” The world found out about this as the footage was smuggled to America. What happens to everyone that opposes Allah? What happens to those that side with Israel? They get lynched! Testicles, hearts, lungs, it is put on a stick and celebrated for the spilling of Jewish blood. When an Israeli soldier has an Arab casualty, he mourns. When an Arab murders a Jew, the community celebrates!

In Hebron, the Jews need to have their buses protected with barbwire and bullet-proof glass. Why? I went to Hebron to see. As soon as the rabbis, old men and women, get on the bus, a hail of stones came from the Palestinians–seemingly from nowhere! I wasn’t astonished that the rocks were being thrown. I was astonished that I started to feel bad for the Jews. What are these Jews doing? Why do they have to put barbwire on the buses? Why do they have to live this way? Barbwire . . . around the university campus, around the holy places–everywhere. This has to do with a culture of hatred. I finally began to see this. A Jewish doctor saved my father’s life. My father had a blood clot in his throat, and days to live. The Jewish doctor saved my father’s life. I asked my father if he prays for the doctor that saved his life. He said, “No, I can never pray for a Jew. Cursed be him as he was by Moses, King David, and Jesus!”

There is no mercy for Arabs in “Palestine” who are perceived to collaborate with Jews. Anyone who sells land to or speaks on behalf of a Jew will be killed–publicly, brutally, in the streets for all to see–without due process of law. If I go back home today, I will have 5 minutes to live. In the streets of Bethlehem, I will be lynched, and dragged through the streets for all to see.

In 1993 I went through a detoxification process when my wife challenged me to prove where in the Tenach the Jews had corrupted the Scriptures. I became a Believer in the God of Israel as I saw the truth. It took me a year studying the Bible, studying the Koran, and re-studying Islam, to realize that I had been taught lies. I also fell in love with the movie Fiddler on the Roof. I watched it many times. It was funny and endearing. The rabbis had prayers for the Tzar? Of course! I started learning Jewish songs. They were so different from my national Palestinian songs: “Sharpen my bones, I want them to be swords and I want to die.” I tried to find Israeli songs that expressed hate and war, and finally found a song with “war” in it. Yet the translation was astonishing: “man will not lift sword against man . . . man will not have war against man . . .” (Is. 2, Micah 4). How are the Jews enticing killing with national songs like these? They are singing about peace in the middle of a war! Peace is all the Jewish people are talking about! Shalom everywhere!

It is quoted that Islam is a peaceful religion, as Muslims understand it. But they never continue on with the exact text. This is from the Koran: “Whoever kills the soul, not in retaliation for the soul, or corruption in the land–indeed the punishment for those that go against Allah will be crucified, have their hands and legs chopped off” (Sura 5). I remind you of the Sudanese Massacres: almost two million Christians were killed, crucified, hands and feet chopped from opposite sides, not just in Sudan, but in Iraq, Afghanistan, in many places of the Muslim world.

Another fallacy spread by the media–the Palestinians just need jobs–it is poverty that drives them to violence. This is a lie. The Germans of Nazi Germany were very educated. Osama bin Ladin is rich and educated. My family were educators.

My father was a schoolteacher, my uncle an inspector of historical education. My other uncle was a principal. We were all educated people.

The education system is one of the most powerful tools that the “Palestinians” have. The children of this generation have been so successfully indoctrinated, that there is no possibility of peace. We are taught that the Jews are occupiers of Palestinian land, yet in reality, there isn’t a single mention of the creation of a Palestinian state in Judea until 1967. Before 1948, when Israel gained statehood, if you spoke of “Palestine” it referred to the Jewish state. Palestine was the name given to Israel as an insult when it was conquered 2,000 years ago by the Romans–meaning that the Philistines still existed. (Which is really an insult to God as well.) Yet Arafat’s Arabs have a Palestinian Charter demanding an Arab state with Islam as the state religion, and the world is silent in creating a mini-Iraq, a terrorist state in this tiny area of land. The issue, of course, is not land. It is the very existence of Israel in the Middle East. If one looks at a map of the Middle East, it is difficult to even find tiny Israel in the vast sea of Arab lands. It is simply not acceptable to the Arabs to have a Jewish state at all.

We have taught this entire generation that Jews are pigs and gorillas . . . that Jews use the blood of Arab children in their matza . . . that Jihad is the most important duty of all “Palestinians.” They have been taught that dying as a martyr is the highest blessing and the only way to be certain of heaven. The children are indoctrinated in “Palestinian” kindergartens, grade schools, and military summer camps, by wearing military uniforms and doing drills of mock bus bombings, suicide bombings, celebrating with fake blood, and learning songs about the joy of being Jihad warriors, suicide bombers, and holy martyrs. At a very young age, children are included in every violent confrontation, and learn to confront Israeli tanks with rocks, molotov cocktails, and bravado. The children are taught that the Jews are like Nazis, yet in reality, the Palestinians use the indoctrination techniques that Hitler and the Nazi regime instituted.

In fact, I remember that I was confused when the Israelis came in after the Six Day War, that they were righteous. We had been told so many terrible things about the Israelis that we were terrified of them, but that is not how they were. I tell you the truth, that when they came into Jericho, they opened the stores and fed the Palestinians, they fed and took care of the Arabs. There were no rapes, there were no massacres, and there was no robbery. It was something out of this world! What happened to the Palestinians when they lost the war against Jordan in Black September? What happened to the Lebanese Christians in the Muhayya Massacre? What happens still today to the Christians in Sudan? They were massacred, butchered, and raped. Yet the Israelis have never committed such atrocities. This is why I love them. Where are the atrocities committed by Jews regarding any other people for the cause of religion? It does not happen. That is the truth. In fact, I have to say that the Israelis always helped in spite of the intifadas. A Jewish doctor saved my father’s life. My son was rescued by a Jew, my cousin was rescued from drowning by a Jew, and many Palestinians were rescued by Jews in Hadassah Hospital. Israel brought medical attention to Arab families regardless of the hostility that existed. But Palestinians that have received help do not want to talk about it.

Truth must not interfere with the lies. The lies in the media are necessary to keep a unified war, to gain support against Israel. But a time will come when the lies will be a trap for all who oppose Israel. I remember asking my mother about her Bible. I said, “Tell me, are we going to have a Palestinian state? Does the Bible talk about the existence of a Palestinian state?” She said, “Indeed it does.” She said, “In the Book of Joel, Chapter 2, God will come to judge the Nations as they divided My Land and scattered My people. So the land will be divided in accordance with the Bible.” And indeed, I remember in 1993, when I began reading the Scriptures, I found out that my mother was right. But it will not be a victory for the Palestinians, nor the nations that helped divide Israel’s Land. For God will rescue Israel by His own arm, and destroy all that have gathered against her. For His own Name’s sake, blessed be His Name.

Born in Bethlehem of Judea, Walid Shoebat was raised to be a Palestinian terrorist. He has been miraculously transformed by the God of Israel and is now an ardent Zionist. He is a much sought after speaker, warning the world about the threat of Islam and the importance of supporting Israel.