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by Bill Koenig

Barack Obama has done more damage in his first 100 days in office than the previous 43 presidents did in 220 years - and this is only the beginning. We are already seeing and experiencing negative consequences, and others will become more obvious in the days ahead.

by Bill Koenig

Our nation was blessed by our Founding Fathers, who were some of the brightest and most gifted people in our nation’s history. Many honored and feared the Lord. They gave us the Constitution that has served our country well during challenging times and good times alike. It has been our foundation.

Faith in God and the moral foundation of this nation brought prosperity and blessings and helped us become the preeminent power in the world. We have defended our shores and many other nations by helping them defeat their adversaries.  The United States has had a remarkable history.

Obama’s first 100 days:  more damage in 100 days than in the previous 220 years

Barack Obama has done more damage in his first 100 days in office than the previous 43 presidents did in 220 years – and this is only the beginning. We are already seeing and experiencing negative consequences, and others will become more obvious in the days ahead.

The main areas of concern are:
*The use of deception: looking good and moral while promoting one of the most immoral agendas in the history of the presidency.
*A plan to eliminate all restrictions on abortion.
*The rapid advancement and promotion of the homosexual agenda.
*Appointments of people who are committed to Obama’s amoral agenda.
*Saddling US taxpayers with monstrous debt — an enormous $3.5 trillion budget that was just passed by the U.S. House.
*Record federal deficit predictions.
*A policy of Middle East appeasement.
*Inclusive foreign relations at the expense of our country’s exclusivity and uniqueness
Asking an openly gay Episcopal priest who was responsible for the division of the Episcopal Church to give the opening prayer during Inauguration week — and Obama’s refusal to excuse himself from the commencement address at Notre Dame.

Obama is a deceiver. He is amoral. He is unapologetic. And his policies are disruptive and divisive. Some of his appointments to the Faith-Based program support abortion and gays and are enemies, rather than protectors, of the faith.

His Middle East policies will make the United States extremely vulnerable at home and abroad.

He is going to buy votes through the lowering of taxes via redistribution of wealth and immigration amnesty. He is going to use his surrogate ACCORN, along with $1.3 billion in taxpayer dollars, to organize inner-city voter outreach to manipulate the new census. 

Obama is also going to buy votes by forcing a socialized health care program that will insure 50 million people while there is already a shortage of doctors and nurses. He is using his Richard-Daley-Chicago-like “thug politics” to force his agenda, and he has Rahm Emmanuel helping to implement his agenda. And he is taking the Chicago model nationwide.

Obama is pushing the most immoral agenda in history.

It is called the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) agenda and was posted on the White House website under “civil rights” as he was inaugurated on Jan. 20.

He is going to attempt to overturn the Defense of Marriage Amendment (DOMA), which will allow taxpayer funding of same-sex benefits for federal employees.  The Obama Administration has eliminated discrimination based on sexual orientation for all federal government positions.

He wants to eliminate the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the military, which will be hugely divisive for our military.

His political appointments have a great interest in implementing this agenda, and were approved easily thanks to the Democratic Party.

Obama has obligated American taxpayers to pay for international abortions.

He has authorized the harvesting of embryonic stem cells for research.

His invitation to give the commencement at Notre Dame has created much division at that university and in the Catholic Church due to his positions on abortion and the gay agenda. He refuses to do the decent thing and excuse himself. He thrives on divisioncaused by his agenda and decisions.

Obama’s appointment for the top attorney at the State Department is a transnational who favors international lawover American constitutional law. His appointment to the No. 2 position at the Justice Department was an attorney for the porn industry and pro-abortion groups.

Obama’s Health Secretary, former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, received campaign funds from George Tiller — the notorious late-term abortion doctor who had an event at the Kansas governor’s mansion.

His Solicitor General, the Administration attorney who presents and represents cases at the Supreme Court, is committed to eliminating the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy pertaining to gays in the military.

Obama’s decision to make public the interrogation procedure at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, was for the purpose of bashing the GW Bush Administration and demoralizing the CIA, and our intelligence community — while trying to act as if he is taking the moral high ground.

His positions on abortion and homosexuality have further widened the significant gap between the Christian right and the liberal Christian left.

Obama wants to remake America

On the surface, Obama appears to be a pleasant, relatively polite person who is smooth in delivery and calm in his handling of matters; but when you unravel his policies, it’s clear he wants to remake America to his Marxist-socialist liking.

He wants the federal government to rule all. Many of his policies are an attempt to move job creation from the public sector to the federal government. He wants to see hard-earned income shared with those who don’t work hard, or don’t have a job or didn’t go to school to prepare for employment.

Obama is an opportunist using the largest financial disaster in history to implement his plan. The axis of evil — Wall Street greed, self-serving major U.S. banks and Washington’s ineptness — led to our national disaster. Obama emphasizes the greed of the capitalists to push his agenda.

Wall Street greed and innovation led to the loss of $10 trillion of stock value and savings for many Americans. Yet Wall Street firms have received massive amounts of bailout money from the U.S. taxpayers.

Major banks have funded the takeovers that have led to higher priced consumer goods and products, the subprime fiasco and the financial derivatives collapse. They, too, have been bailed out by the American taxpayers while raising the interest rates and monthly banking fees on their customers to make up for their business losses.

Additionally, there is not a major problem facing the United States that didn’t have its beginning in Washington, D.C.  Americans are angry about many things, and Obama will exploit that to implement his agenda.

Obama mesmerizes

Obama uses a teleprompter or a large screen to make it look like he is talking directly to the audience without notes. He posts video messages on the White House website each weekend to complement his weekly radio address. His tone and cadence are deliberately mesmerizing. He is “packaged.”

His photo ops with his wife and family are designed to endear people to him and his family in order to strengthen the implementation of his agenda. His White House photographer Pete Souza, who was Reagan’s photographer, is very effectively helping him develop his image.

Three primetime press conferences in his first 100 days are unprecedented. He wants to stay in the public eye.

Time Magazine put him on the cover 13 times in 52 weeks. Many other magazines have had him on the cover, too. The Los Angeles Times said this week that Obama is the first “hip” president.

The media I work with at the White House continue their “softball” questions. Those who oppose the Administration aren’t called on or are marginalized.

Judgment has begun

God is long-suffering; but when the time is up, it is up. Judgment has begun, and it is going to be staggering in size and enormity.

America has said — and is saying, “God, we don’t need you. We can solve our own problems. We want you out of the public sector.” People are being forced to do business with gays despite their biblical values and morals.

There will be more attempts to move God out of the public square, while seeing strange and obscure teachings taking precedence over biblical ones.
Secular humanists are in control of many areas of our country. They control education, governments at most levels and the media. They have a lot of influence over the Democratic Party.

Two-thirds of the nation’s largest 500 companies provide same-sex benefits to their employees’ partners. The federal government says there will be no discrimination based on sexual orientation. Christians are harassed in these settings for opposing these positions.

The Christian left, which helped Barak Obama get elected, is more concerned about social works than taking positions on moral slippage, the rights of the preborn or the immoral gay agenda. The Laodicean church, the lukewarm church, will be shaken to its core. The Bible speaks of men’s hearts failing them during perilous times. It also speaks of the apostasy, the great falling away.

I believe there will be a direct connection between “final day” pestilence and the acceptance of homosexuality. AIDS is directly connected. The recent flu outbreak is a prime example. A bird with the avian flu contaminated a pig that had the swine flu that came in contact with a 5-year-old boy who also had the flu. This “perfect storm” — the merging of three separate types of flu — caused an unusual flu strain that supposedly had never been seen before and has led to a stage five (out of six) worldwide pandemic declaration.  Judgment falls on the population that allows and condones immoral – especially homosexual – behavior.

Obama’s “perfect storm” is rapidly forming: his immoral agenda, his tampering with God’s seed in the mother’s womb, and his plans for God’s covenant land in Israel are converging. His people are in place; and they are ready, willing and committed to push forward. His political party is the facilitator and accomplice.