Kundalini Energy: Yoga’s power, influence and occult phenomena in the Church





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by Chris Lawson

Today, with many Christian leaders endorsing things like yoga (Christian Yoga), Contemplative (centering) prayer, Christianized meditation, mantras and altered stated of consciousness - all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is no wonder that mystical manifestations of occult power are being experienced in Churches and in believers’ lives.

Entering Christendom en masse, across continental and denominational boundaries, is an ancient, baleful power that is ever-so-subtly influencing compromised Christendom.

This power has as its goal nothing less than the full blown destruction of the human body, mind and spirit. The purpose of this article is to expose this sinister power that lies behind much of the so-called “supernatural phenomena” taking place in the Church today. Those who have escaped the world of the occult and come to the real Jesus Christ understand very clearly what is going on.

On the other hand, countless people, including many in church leadership don’t have a clue. Those who are ignorant of this deadly power invading the church would do well to take heed! 

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